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This past weekend we hosted our first-ever girls' retreat. A group of 12 ladies stayed with us for 2 nights. They checked on Friday and checked out on Sunday morning. We only provided accommodation and cooking services as well as a tour guide. They paid activities, bought food and transport for themselves.

The ladies pre-booked our famous Nyanga Day trip. Below is a rundown of activities and itinerary of a typical Nyanga Day Trip. This trip is led by our local guide Glenda who has a vast knowledge of the Nyanga area.

0800hrs - 0830hrs     Left the house for a drive to Pungwe View. This is one of the most beautiful Views in Nyanga overlooking the Pungwe Gorge and the Pungwe Falls. We spent 15 minutes at the View appreciating God`s creating and taking pictures. This place is 7km away from the house.

0845hrs   - 1000hrs   We left the place for Mutarazi Falls which is just a few km away. At Mutarazi Falls some ladies did Skywalk which cost $40 per person and others did Zipline which costs $60 per person. We arrived there around 1000hrs. We took an hour and a half to do all activities as well as the COVID procedures. By 1130hrs we left Mutarazi Falls. Entrance fees to national parks are $5 per person, vehicle $15.

1130hrs -   1400hrs    We left for Troutbeck Resort for other activities. Unfortunately one of the ladies lost her wallet so we had to go back to Pungwe View looking for it. Unfortunately, we couldn't do a Tour of the Rhodes Museum because of time but this is something we were supposed to do before going to Troutbeck. We arrived at Troutbeck around 1400hrs in time for activities. Some ladies did Horse riding, others did Canoeing and only 2 of them did the paddle boat ride. In exactly 1 hour everyone was done. Horse riding is $10 per person for 30minutes and canoeing is $5 per person for 30 minutes.

1500hrs - 1600hrs    Because of time we also not able to go to the World`s View for a sundowner as were now rushing to go to Nyangombe Falls and also the ladies wanted to swim at the natural pool. We spent 20 minutes at Nyangombe falls. It was quite a hike for most ladies and only a few went down to the falls. 

1615hrs - 1700hrs    Our last stop was the natural swimming pool where the ladies enjoyed themselves taking a swim, drinking, and partying. We ended the day with a pre-arranged dinner at Rhodes Hotel. We had a 2-course dinner for $10 per person. 3 The course dinner is $15 per person. 

We were back at the house by 2100hrs. This marked the end of our Nyanga Day Trip. Our guide fee is $20 per day for a group of up to 14 people. 

This is what a typical Nyanga Day Trip entails !!!! Don't forget to book yours on your next trip to Nyanga.