• Nyakupinga Waterfall


Nyakupinga Waterfall is located 2.7km away from Nyakupinga Apartment, Nyanga Holiday Home Main House, Family Cottage and Pungwe Apartment . This is one of the closest waterfall we have around our area. The Waterfall is within a private property which belongs to our neighbours. Access to this Waterfall is strictly to guests booked or staying with us for obvious reasons. A stay with us will not be enough without a short hike up to this beautiful waterfall.

Nyakupinga Waterfall has 4 levels. We find the 2nd & 3rd more friendly than the 1st and last as there are rocky and full of twigs in water. Level 2 is for those who can actually swim. This is also where you find the main Waterfall. During the dry season you can climb up to the tip of the main Waterfall where you will find a small natural pool. We often call it our little Devil's pool. The 3rd level is shallow even kids can actually swim there though we recommend adults to be on the lookout for them.